Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Guide

Deciding to get help for an addiction to alcohol or other drugs can be one of the most important decisions of your life. It is important to know that when people struggling with addiction get the help they need, recovery is achievable and sustainable.

Like other chronic health conditions, addiction requires care and support, so it is critical that you seek help from a professional with skills and expertise in treating addiction.

This guide provides:
   When to seek treatment
   How to plan your treatment
   Continuing care options
   Questions to ask before treatment
   Who to contact to get help

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Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada

Resources for Promoting Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada

Resources are available to help promote the Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada guide. Read the resource guide to find out about them and how to obtain them.

The resource guide contains:
   Business card
   Image for waiting room screens

Download the Resource Guide

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